control system

Digital Substation Lifecycle Management System

Support at different stages of the project implementation: from design to operation.

digitization training

Digital Substation Education

Vendor-agnostic Digital Substation Courses: LAN at power facilities, IEC 61850, design of digital substations, routine maintenance of digital substations

digitization training

Development of SSD and SCD files

Development of SSD and SCD files for digital substations of any voltage classes as well as analysis of SCL-files developed by other companies

Tekvel Park

Automated analysis of SSD and SCD files

Comparison of actual IED configurations with SCD file

Live network communications monitoring and event recording

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Digital substation maintenance

LAN at power facilities

Design of digital substations

IEC 61850

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Preliminary design including SSD-file development

Commissioning of PAC and LAN and SCD-file development

System verification in own lab using real IEDs

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About us

Tekvel is an engineering company founded in 2010, working in the field of relay protection and automation of electric power facilities with the primary application of the IEC 61850 standard

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