Tekvel park

Tekvel Park

A digital substation lifecycle management system that supports engineers at various stages of project implementation: from design to routine maintenance



Store SCD files and allow shared access

Version control for SCD files, changes tracking and reverting to previous versions

Validation of SCL files, checking the integrity of the configuration, searching for errors and configuration flaws

Supervise configuration clearness and check for optimization options


Verify actual data flow matches configuration

Track data and quality changes

View data changes on timeline

Independent monitoring of normal and simulated data


Verify no GOOSE or SV losses on the network

Monitoring of unauthorized access and threats, such as the appearance of unconfigured GOOSE and SV messages on the network

Monitor cyber security threats such as non-configured GOOSE or SV messages on the network

Record events triggered by any data or quality changes with pre-trigger conditions


Tekvel Park system has a modular structure comprising data aquisition and processing modules (LVB) and data storage, processing, analysis and visualisation server with remote HMI user-interface (TPS). Users connect to TPS with remote HMIs through secured connection

The TPS server itself also has a modular architecture and consists of the following software modules:


LVB data acquisition and processing server


database server


data processing, analysis and visualization server

Each module is an independent software service, that could generally be installed on a separate machine with secured connections between them.
This gives full flexibility of the system from totally cetralized with all modules installed on one machine upto totally decentralized when all modules are distributed across different machines.

See how it works

Evaluate how the system works at a real substation.