About Tekvel

Tekvel is the Russia-based engineering company in the field of protection, automation and control (PAC) for electric power industry with the focus on IEC 61850 applications founded in 2010. Tekvel provides the following solutions and services for clients:

  • Digital secondary systems and software applications
  • PAC design and commissioning
  • Software and hardware distribution
  • Training and consultancy services


First field experience with IEC 61850

The roots of IEC 61850 engineering experience in Tekvel are back in 2008 when the group of enthusiasts established IEC 61850 lab in Protection and control department of Moscow Power Engineering Institute. They were driven by the vision of how PAC could transform with application of the digital communications and new engineering approaches. Starting 2010, the engineers of Tekvel began to acquire field experience related to IEC 61850 PAC systems deployment. Since that time we have participated in design and commissioning of over 50 projects including GOOSE and Sampled Values communications, network switches and time sync applications configuration and still counting. Portfolio includes unique field experience which is commissioning of fully centralized IEC 61850 PAC system deployed on multicore servers for 3 substations in Russia.

With vast IEC 61850 and field commissioning experience, Tekvel has begun the development of products and tools in 2011. Tekvel Park — is the flagship product by Tekvel combining our expertise in the field of IEC 61850 application, hardware development and full-stack programming. Tekvel Park is widely accepted by the utilities and system operators as a must-have system to be able to properly test and supervise a digital substation. In 2018 Tekvel Park has been awarded the first place in Breakthrough Technology nomination of Enegyinsight tech contest organized by Russian Grids company and Skolkovo Foundation.

Demostration of Tekvel Park to customers during first factory acceptance
IEC 61850 Training in the Philippines
IEC 61850 Training in the Philippines

Sharing the knowledge and experience with industry specialists has become one of the missions for Tekvel from the start as it triggers implementations of new technology and its acceptance. Tekvel has become the leading training and consultancy company in the field of IEC 61850 and digital substations in Russia. Since 2010 we have trained over 1000 PAC specialists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan as well as Latvia and Estonia. We are proud to be the only Russia-based company to provide IEC 61850 trainings for the utilities and system operators in the US, Canada and the Philippines!

To support the acceptance of IEC 61850 and digital substations by the Russian utilities, Tekvel has also become the key partner of Russian Grids and Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System in a number of successfully implemented R&D projects, which resulted in massive ongoing digitalization of substations.

IEC 61850 Training in the Philippines
Tekvel presenting latest developments to the Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia


Tekvel has a tight cooperation with one of the leading companies in the field of conformance testing of IEC 61850 devices and software – GridClone B.V., Netherlands. Together with GridClone Tekvel offers software tools and services for setting up conformance-test labs for IED manufacturers as well as independent conformance-test labs, accredited by the international IEC 61850 users group – UCA IUG.

Since 2019 Tekvel has begun cooperating with the world’s leading system configuration tool developer — Helinks LLC. Tekvel and Helinks LLC together provide customers with state-of-the-art system specification and engineering tool – Helinks STS as well as the required amount of support based on deep knowledge on IEC 61850 and vast practical experience in the field of IEC 61850 SCL configuration.


Tekvel has a team of passionate, open minded and high-qualified professionals in the field of PAC, data analysis, software and hardware development. Most of our team members have graduated the Moscow Power Engineering Institute and hold a tight cooperation with the researchers from the department of protective relaying.

Tekvel’s employees are deeply involved into international IEC 61850 activities by participating in IEC 61850 standard development and attending IEC TC 57 WG 10 meetings.

Our team is distributed between two offices: in Moscow – the capital of Russia and Cheboksary – the protective relaying capital of Russia.

Our mission

Tekvel is aimed at providing the highest possible quality of its services and solutions.