Realtime and post-event Sampled Values analysis with Tekvel Park

Tekvel Park is known to be industry's first tool to visualise GOOSE and SV communications between the IEDs of different manufacturers including vendor-specific syntax analysis to provide a complete picture of communications. With this newest version we introduce fully-featured Live Mode and Event Recording for Tekvel Park.

3 августа 2017 г. 17:00 | 1270

With Live Mode in Tekvel Park it takes just one mouse-click to verify if your network data flow matches your System Configuration Description (SCD) file. This includes accurate and precise analysis of each packet and each data stream, so that any mis-configuration would be detected and highlighted.

With Live Mode you would be promptly notified of any event happening to your system, which includes some common features like:

  • GOOSE message or SV streams loss/recovery,
  • Data and quality changes in GOOSE messages,

as well as some special in-depth analysis features like:

  • GOOSE stNum, sqNum failures,
  • SV smpCnt failures,
  • Time Synch/Time Quality properties changes both for SV and GOOSE messages, *Appearance and Disappearance of unauthorised (undocumented) GOOSE and SV messages, and many-many more...

Event notifications are displayed on the main screen and stay there until they are acknowledged by the user.

Event Notifications

Sometimes unexpected things happen, which require a more thorough analysis. That is the point when you can go deeper with Tekvel Park. Simply clicking on the event in the list you are directed to event profile screen, where Tekvel Park automatically collects all signals that you need for analysis and shows them on the Timeline.

Fault Event Profile

Just in case you would need to check if the function was performing in accordance with it's settings, simply click two points on the Timeline, to calculate the time between events.

Timer in Tekvel Park

Some technical data:

  • SV recording is triggered by each event happening in the system, including GOOSE data/quality changes, connection issues etc, all triggers, however are customisable.
  • LVB (network probe for Tekvel Park) for laboratory use can handle up to 20 SV streams simultaneously for event-triggered recording and up to 100 SV (!!!) streams for realtime analysis without recording.
  • Tekvel Park out of the box provides full support for 9-2LE Sampled Values with more flexibility to follow.
  • Tekvel Park server software can be deployed on most industrial servers, while LVB connects to server through standard Ethernet TCP/IP communication.
  • Tekvel Park cloud-based solution provides secure SSL connection to the server, excluding any third-party access to sensitive data.

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